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Laboratory Trials

Cosmetek offers you a wide range of laboratory assays in order to evaluate the quality, compliance, safety and performance of your cosmetic product.

All studies, including product performance testing, in terms of compatibility with primary packaging, as well as accelerated aging studies with assessment of rheological, organoleptic properties, determination of physicochemical and microbiological parameters, are performed according to internationally agreed protocols, accepted by the scientific community.

Whenever available, the methodologies described in ISO standards, pharmacopoeias or guidelines specifically developed for this purpose are used in the testing relationship, namely by COLIPA and AFSSAPS.

Microbiological assays include very specific ISOs for cosmetic products, which are ISO 11930:2019, ISO 16212:2017, ISO 21148:2017 and ISO 18415:2017.

For stability and compatibility testing, they follow ISO 18811:2018.

Stability Tests - Accelerated Aging

Determination of PAO (Period After Opening)

Compatibility test / Packaging

Microbiological Quality

Challenge Test

Sun Test (Perfumery)

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