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Retirada De Produto De Mercado

Retirada de Produto de Mercado

Category: Cosmetics

Product: Hair straightener

Brand: encanto do Brasil

Name: Brazilian Keratin – Straightening Treatment and Post-Treatment Conditioner

Type/number of model: Unknown

Batch number/Barcode: 5898768774768; 62410C (Straightening Treatment), ,
5898768776458; 62408A (Post-Treatment Conditioner)

OECD Portal Category: 53000000 – Beauty / Personal Care / Hygiene

Description: Hair straightening treatment supplied in white plastic bottles with green print. In the set of three products, the Straightening Treatment and Post-Treatment Conditioner are affected by the risk.

Country of origin: Brazil

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The products contain an excessive amount of formaldehyde (measured value up to 6.8%). Formaldehyde may produce irritation of the eyes, the skin and upper respiratory tract; long term exposure may cause cancer.

The product does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

Voluntary measures: Withdrawal of the product from the market,
Recall of the product from end users.

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